Under the Ofcom ruling it's unlikely these classic family ads would get off the ground today:

Tango - Orange Man

R-Whites - Secret Lemonade Drinker

Walkers - Gary Lineker

Coca-Cola - Teach the World to Sing

Ferrero Rocher - Ambassador's Party

Cornetto - Just One Cornetto

Flake - Girl

Milky Bar - Milky Bar Kid

Kit Kat - Pandas

Pepsi -lipsmackinthirstquenchin

Fruit and Nut - Frank Muir

Turkish Delight - Eastern Promise

Milk Tray - Avalanche

Sugar Puffs - Honey Monster

After Eights - Dinner Party

Rice Krispies - Animated Snap, Crackle and Pop

Yorkie - Lorry driver

Cresta - Frothy Man bear

Mars - Workman, work rest and play.

Fruit Gums - Don't forget the fruit gums, mum