Soya brand Alpro is repositioning its products on an overall health platform, rather than focusing on dairy intolerance.

The move, which includes new packaging and marketing, aims to bring soya to a wider audience.

The company is also adding probiotics to yoghurts, with more fruit, Omega-6 and 3 and vitamins B2 and B12. Rolling out this week, the new formulation promises improved taste and reduced sugar, while packaging makes more of the added calcium and the 'low in saturated fat' claim.

The full range, which includes chilled, UHT and flavoured milk, drinks, desserts and cream, is also getting the new livery, aiming for a clearer, more contemporary look, with on-pack messages that flag up the health benefits.

TV and print advertising will back the message with the slogan 'A healthy decision'. The brand will return to the small screen next month, while print ads will run in women's magazines.

According to the company, soya's penetration is 13.9% in the UK market, which equates to 3.4 million households, while Alpro's is 11.2%, or 2.7 million, a year-on-year rise of 8%.

Commercial director John Allway said the marketplace was becoming more competitive. "A lot of products launched in the healthier drinks sector; two or three years ago, soya was leading the way," he added. "We want to take soya from niche to mainstream, not just in market size but in consumers' mindset. We want to attract new consumers and encourage them to buy again."

He said the campaign was the first to link all elements of the company's communication plan under one message. And the philosophy of sustainable development was deeply rooted in Alpro's way of doing business. It is sponsoring two tree-athlons in the UK this year, including a 5K run and tree planting.