McNeil Nutritionals has overhauled its cholesterol-lowering brand Benecol with a new look and new products.

The company has added more prominent food photography to packs and softened their teal colouring to improve stand-out on shelf and boost sales. It has also reformulated the existing yoghurt range and added a new Fruit Medley variety pack (rsp: £2.39 for a four-pack) and blueberry yoghurt drink (rsp: £3.79 for a six-pack) to the line-up.

The changes would broaden the brand's appeal to a new and younger audience, said Benecol senior brand manager Ann Darrow. "It is important that we keep innovating in this area so we expand and introduce the benefits to more people."

Benecol was very important for people with high cholesterol, but was also relevant for those aiming to maintain their current levels, she added.