Bigger pizza the action
n Pizza specialist Schwan's has big plans to diversify its Chicago Town brand into ready meals.
n It is launching a range of American-inspired dishes under the label next month, with six meals ­ including Hickory Steak and Spicy Meatballs ­ retailing at £1.99 each.
n The company claims it will satisfy consumers' growing appetites for different dishes from around the globe.

Tapping new markets
n Coca-Cola Enterprises is bidding to make more of a splash in the bottled water market with the relaunch of Malvern which it acquired from Cadbury Schweppes three years ago.
n The brand, which was first bottled in 1851, is being given a radical new look inspired by the granite pebbles over which Malvern water is naturally filtered.

Take it away, Bud
n Make mine a Bud' ­ at least, that's what Budweiser hopes consumers will say after its first promotional drive aimed exclusively at the off-trade.
n The beer brand will be giving away trips to America, including tickets to Budweiser-sponsored concerts, as part of a King of Beers initiative running until Christmas.

Animal magnetism
n Park Cake Bakeries believes it has come up with a cunning plan for biscuit brand Fox's ­ by rolling it out into cakes for the first time.
n It is launching a range of tubbed treats called Moments in three variants ­ Chocolate Orange Cake Bites, Chunky Chocolate Mini Bites and Crispy Chocolate Clusters.

All white
n Dairy-free brand Alpro is taking on the daily pinta by launching a fresh soya milk. It will retail at £1.29 a litre.