Mary Carmichael
Masterfoods has earmarked £3.4m to back the relaunch of its Starburst sugar confectionery brand.
Activity will include updated packaging, TV and press advertising and a new product, Starburst Sour Chews. There is also an improved formulation across the six-strong range, as well as trade support and new packaging graphics.
Advertising, which kicks off in August, concentrates on chews ­ which form the core of the portfolio. Trade relations manager Sam McElligott said the company recognised "a need for a clear and consistent brand vision".
The new sour chews offering will get its own ad and sampling campaign aimed at two million consumers. Its launch echoes sugar confectionery's trend towards sharper flavours. The arrival of sour apple, raspberry, pineapple and cherry coincides with the launch of Maynards Wine Sours from Cadbury Trebor Bassett.
There are also sour options in Haribo, Nestlé's Willie Wonka and Leaf's Chewits ranges, as well as under Masterfoods' own Skittles and Harry Potter licensed brands.
Starburst sour chews come in a 45g stick pack retailing at 29p and a 200g bag at 99p.