Absolut Vodka will appear in a ‘naked’ label-free bottle as part of a new campaign entitled ‘In An Absolut World There Are No Labels’.

The no-label bottle represented “a vision of the world that is more diverse, vibrant and embracing of those from every walk of life”, according to maker Pernod Ricard UK. The limited-edition product goes on sale in Selfridges next week, priced at £24.99.

In place of the usual Absolut Vodka logo, the bottles have a discrete removable sticker outlining the campaign’s aims and directing shoppers to a new website, where they are encouraged to give their views on labels and prejudice in life.

“This new campaign will further intensify the excitement and intrigue we’re generating around the Absolut brand at the moment, keeping it top of mind with consumers and the trade,” said Mark Hamilton, head of marketing for vodkas at Pernod Ricard.

“Absolut seeks to stimulate discussion around visionary and alternative views of the world that we hope will be inspirational for our target audience. Through this new bottle we are encouraging people to think twice about prejudice because in an Absolut world, there are no labels.”