?The can has a premium look to it, the cool blue livery and silver trim is understated and classy without building too strongly on the Budweiser heritage. The beer is lively in the glass and delivers a good frothy mousse. The bouquet has light hoppy aromas and a certain maltiness. It's very appealing - soft and clean in the mouth, the beer is light on the palate. The 4.1% alcohol means that it is suitable for session drinking, but it has enough character to be a winner. Good stuff this.

Jonathan Butt, head of global sourcing, Thresher Group

Expert's verdict... 21/25

Consumer's verdict... 17/25

?The packaging of this product is not that great - it looks more like a cider than a beer. The taste is all watery and disappears in your mouth, leaving no aftertaste. I did not really enjoy the first can. However, when sat out in the sunshine and when you don't really fancy a strong beer, this could be just the ticket. If you're looking for low-alcohol beer, I would probably go for something else. Having said that, with the reasonable price tag, I might just give this one another try.

Glenn Palmer, surveyor's assistant, Burgess Hill, W Sussex

Overall verdict...38/50

Corky's Smoothie Company: Global Brands Launch price: 99p per bottle price: 99p per bottle Acid test verdict: 35/50

An extension to Corky's Vodka Shots range, Smoothies from Global Brands was launched last year to capitalise on the then emerging market for milk-based RTD options. A year later the range, aimed at young females, has been axed. Global Brands puts the failure down to the product's upmarket nature. "The premium ingredients meant the product had a premium price. Competing against Mudshake, which uses powdered milks and cheaper ingredients, became a struggle," said a company spokeswoman.