Expert's verdict:7/10

?The packaging for Reggae Reggae sauce looks OK but it could be a lot better. The bottle has an amateurish appearance and therefore it hasn't really got any shelf stand-out. The label is really difficult to read and could become lost within the sauce fixture in a grocery store. The actual taste of the product, however, is fine and would accompany most meals, especially the barbecue occasion. The sauce is gentle on the pallet and delivers a kick that doesn't burn the mouth.

Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's

Consumer's verdict:9/10

?There's stiff opposition in this field from the likes of Nandos' Hot Peri Peri or Walkerswood's Caribbean range. I know the product is home-made but the label lets it down. It looks like its been printed from a desktop inkjet printer and it also has no instructions on how to use it. The flavour took me right back to the days of driving a float through the Notting Hill Carnival, and stopping off for some spice chicken mid-route. It has the tang of a salsa but with a more laid-back fruitiness, which has the spice you need for a marinade but the subtleness of a sauce.

Pete McNiven, marketing manager, Manchester

A year down the line... Higgledy Piggledy sausages Company: Debbie & Andrew's Launch price: 99p for 16 Today's price: 99p for 16 Acid test verdict: 4 stars

Higgledy Piggledy sausages is to be given a makeover including improved meat content, reduced salt and fat levels and new packaging. Producer Debbie & Andrew's said the market had moved on and it wanted to remove the cartoon characters in light of the new Ofcom guidelines on advertising for children. However, the company insisted that sales of the sausages have been encouraging.