Expert's verdict... 6/10

Max Prime is a South Korean beer brewed at the Hite brewery in Seoul. It's not quite what we'd call premium at 4.5% abv. It's made using American Cascade hops and a non thermal-fermentation process. In the glass it has good carbonation, an active head and a mid-barley colour. The nose didn't give a huge amount but there were some bread tones. The palate is medium-bodied with a touch of citrus on a medium finish. The labelling is clear but not very distinctive. Overall, it was pleasant but it didn't stand out.

Henry Moran, trading manager, Musgrave Retail Partners GB

Consumer's verdict...4/10

My first impression of Max Prime was that it looked like a low-quality lager. The label is basic and would not stand out on supermarket shelves. This is reinforced by the taste, which isn't offensive but does little to entice the drinker. It doesn't taste of anything really. I could imagine drinking it in a Korean restaurant if there was nothing else available, but I wouldn't buy it in the supermarket unless there was an amazing offer on it. Compared with Tsing Tao or Indian beers such as Cobra, it disappoints.

Gordon Carson, editor, London

A year down the line... Caledonian Cooler Company: Beverage Brands Launch Price: £1.29-£1.39 per 275ml bottle Today's price: £1.29-£1.39 per 275ml bottle

Low-calorie fruit-flavoured RTD Caledonian Cooler was launched last February, initially in cash & carries and wholesalers, before it was rolled out to multiples and independents.

The past 12 months has been tough for the brand. "There's great pressure on new products to become top sellers overnight," said marketing director Karen Salter. "It takes time to build a brand, which is a challenge for all new ones."