Expert's verdict...4/10

?I'm not sold on the Vodkat Smoothies. They're not a bad idea; they capitalise on the pour-over-ice trend and contain one third fruit juice. The packaging is okay, but the blurred fruit dulled the visual appeal. The drinks had good fruit flavour but not the same intensity you'd expect from a smoothie. They tended to be overly sweet as well (although granted, I'm not the target consumer). They will find it hard to become established, as the ready-to-serve category is seeing a lot of new innovation in fruit-based mixes at the moment.

Henry Moran, trading manager, Musgrave Retail Partners

Consumer's verdict...4/10

?The packaging makes it look too much like an alcopop, which seems especially strange as they are calling it a "smoothie". The idea of a pre-mixed cocktail doesn't really appeal, although the flavours such as apple and mango make me think of J20, which I do like, so that's a positive. When I opened the bottle it smelled very alcoholic and I was worried it was going to be potent but when I tasted it, it was just sweet. It was also very thick and reminded me of a schnapps or liqueur. I thought it might be more refreshing diluted with lemonade or soda water. I'd be unlikely to buy it.

Tanya Sassoon, writer, London

A year down the line... Melbourne Lounge Company: Constellation Europe Launch Price: £5.99 Today's price: £6.19 following the duty increase

Melbourne Lounge was the first brand launched on the back of Constellation's extensive Wine Nation research. Created to cash in on the market of high-spending, 25 to 34-year-old professional women , the lifestyle brand was intended to make wine more accessible. It was launched into both on and off-trades but Constellation is now concentrating on the former following a listing with Marriott Group.