?Speaks Mixology cocktail mixers are trying to capitalise on the growth in pre-mix cocktails. The pouches contain the mix only (no alcohol) for one of four classics; raspberry and classic Mojitos, Piña Colada and Cosmopolitan. The quality was impressive, having been designed by a World Cocktail Bartending Champion. This gives a strong platform for in-store communication and helps to justify the price. The packaging had good shelf standout and was clearly laid out. However, in a category with limited in-store space a single pouch on a clipstrip would make it a more viable proposition.

Henry Moran, trading manager, Musgrave Retail Partners

Expert's verdict...7/10

Consumer's verdict...6/10

?The shape and type of packaging would catch my eye in a store and I like the colours as they represent the actual shade of the drink well. However, the writing is difficult to see in bright lights or from a distance as the colours are too similar. All tasted lovely, just as they should, but they were missing something without their traditional serving suggestions. For example, the texture of the Mojito wasn't quite the same as one that's made in front of you in a bar, and the Piña Colada was much too thin.

Nicola Waight, road safety co-ordinator, Portsmouth

A year down the line... Ruddles Rhubarb Company: Greene King Launch Price: £1.69 Today's price: £1.69

This rhubarb-flavoured ale was one of the highest-scoring Acid Tests of last year, gaining nine out of 10 from our buyer for its "quirky delivery, fantastic packaging and a competitive price", and eight from the consumer. It also beat 63 other brews in the Tesco Beer Challenge, gaining a summer listing with the retailer. Greene King is currently working on increasing on and off-trade distribution.