Company: Molson Coors
Rsp: £4.99/4x275ml
Competition: wine, cider and RTDs
The sell: The 4% abv beer, which is lower in calories and less carbonated than standard beer, is designed to encourage women to reappraise the beer category

The consumer
I liked the fact it was the colour of elderflower cordial, which immediately set it apart from normal beer. Also, having the calories on the bottle was quite good for health-conscious ladies but it is slightly fun-zapping. Animée had a pleasant, slightly fruity taste but didn't taste like lager at all. Just having one was a nice experience but, beyond that, might become a little sickly. As a substitute lighter lager it didn't really work for me. Three stars (out of five)
Carolyn Silverstone, sales executive

The expert
Molson Coors will have to market this beer, which is squarely aimed at women, cleverly. That said, I think it lives up to expectations; it has a refreshing taste and is not as gassy as other beers. At the same time, it quite clearly is a beer and the brewer has not tried to make it artificially sweet. I can imagine it being drunk at barbecues because of its easy-drinking qualities. It will go down well with women and possibly a few men too. Four stars
Ashley Shaw, buyer, Morrisons

The Grocer
The bottle looks pretty - but that's the only nice thing I can say about this one. Molson Coors' line that women would drink more of it because it's less gassy doesn't persuade this is really fizzy and tastes like shandy (with a strong lemonade bias). Maybe with clever marketing it can steal some youngsters away from the RTDs, but I can't see any self-respecting 25-year-old trading in their wine for this. One star
Elinor Zuke, reporter