Company: Toorank Distillery
Rsp: £16.99
Competition: Absinthe Premium Trenet, La Fee

The consumer
The mouthwash-green colour of this drink may be a bit offputting and the strong aniseed flavour certainly has the love it or hate it factor. However, I found the taste to be very smooth and not at all overpowering surprising considering the 55% abv. It was good fun preparing the absinthe in the traditional way melting sugar into the liquid in a teaspoon and the sweetness left me wanting more. Overall, I am impressed. Well worth the price tag. Four stars (out of five)
Dominic Marshall, park ranger, London

The retailer
The embossing gives the bottle a premium look, although the top broke when I opened it and the drink itself looks a little too luminous. However, when mixed with iced water, it turns a pleasant cloudy shade. As a lover of anise, I quite enjoyed the first few sips, but it quickly became too much. The high 55% abv pushes the retail price up substantially, which will limit trial. Three stars
Joshua Hetherington, category buyer for spirits & fortified wines, The Co-operative Group

The Grocer
Absinthe might conjure up the image of Van Gogh giving his ear the Reservoir Dogs treatment and a throatnumbingly strong level of alcohol, but Toorank has provided a very quaffable drink. The lemon balm and anise flavours complement each other and make a pleasant alternative to sambuca or Pernod. The packaging and colour are curious yet attractive and although the £16.99 price tag might seem slightly steep for 500ml, you can't drink much in one sitting so it's good value although a dull Christmas party could see the bottle drain fast. Three stars
Alex Beckett, products editor