Expert's verdict... 6/10 ?The box will work well for children as the Bassett's logo is eye-catching and familiar. To generate more sales they could make a bigger play of each lolly being just 65 calories to attract slimmers and health-conscious parents. The flavours aren't on the box and the pale green ones didn't go down well. I liked the strawberry one, though. Getting them out wasn't easy. I wanted to see the wobble but there's a fine line between that and it defrosting too quickly. It's a good gimmick but I can't see it flying off the shelves for kids. Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's Consumer's verdict...5/10 ?I didn't really like the lolly. I tried two flavours - the yellow and green ones - and didn't like either of them. They didn't wobble and were a bit gooey. Two of my friends tried them, too, and they didn't like them. Theirs didn't wobble. I only ate half of mine and then had my favourite instead - vanilla ice cream with a flake in it. Mum said the box was too big for our freezer. She ate three of the lollies in one go and really liked them and said they wouldn't make her fat. Louis Anastasiou, aged 3, Plymouth A year down the line... Peartiser Company: Appletiser Launch Price: 79p for a 275ml bottle Today's price: 79p for a 275ml bottle Since it was launched in April 2007, Peartiser has "exceeded expectations", according to the company, which said the sparkling fruit juice had clocked up sales of £4m, helping the total Appletiser brand grow 11.6% in the past year [Nielsen 52 w/e to 30 November 2007]. Peartiser has gained listings in Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Morrisons, Boots and Superdrug, and is also available in the on-trade.