Company: Blavod Wines & Spirits
Rsp: £15.99
Competition: Eristoff Black Vodka
The sell: The revamp of the brand, including the addition of a black bottle, will help firmly position the tipple as a premium spirit, claims Blavod.

The consumer
Blavod is certainly an interesting and curious-looking vodka. Despite the black colour I found it no different in terms of taste or smoothness then the clear leading brands. However, it does have an extra appeal for the way it mixes. Blavod floats on top of most mixers making, for example, vodka and lemonade look like a cocktail. It makes a cocktail like a blue lagoon appear to be your own invention. I might well get some of this for Christmas, it certainly warms you up in the freezing weather. Three stars (out of five)
Samantha Lockwood, travel administrator, Manchester

The retailer
I like the new classy packaging; it gives Blavod a much more upmarket feel, which is in keeping with the premium image that the brand owners are trying to convey. For me the liquid is a tad astringent but for novelty value and if you want to make some unusual cocktails, give this a go. Three stars
Amy Bird, assistant trading manager, Spar UK

The Grocer
Replacing the garish, oversized red fonts of the old bottle with the sleek new lettering is a better fit for the vodka's smooth character and premium aspirations. The matt finish is a classy effect, too. Despite the liquid's colour, the vodka had a smooth, slightly spicy finish, similar to other medium-grade vodkas such as Russian Standard. This USP will obviously make it a talking point at Christmas parties and at £15.99, it's hardly a gimmick that will put you out of pocket. Three stars
Alex Beckett, food & drink editor