Company: Premier Foods
Rsp: £1.59
Market size: £517.6m
The competition: Heinz mayonnaise, Hellmann's

The consumer
I'm usually more of a ketchup man, but these sauces were cracking. I particularly liked the mustard and onion flavour, which went great with a bowl of chips. The sweet chilli was fairly sweet and would complement seafood, while the lemon flavour would sit nicely with a green salad. The bonus is they taste authentic enough to pass off as your own creation at a party! I'd certainly go back for more. Four stars (out of five)
Andy Cashmore, underwater videographer, Tunbridge Wells

The retailer
Customers are looking for flavoured mayos at the moment, but they are generally looking for promotional deals. At £1.59 it seems quite expensive and will need to be promoted hard to get customers to try it. I hope the success of the Branston relishes can be replicated with the mayo. Packaging is clear but I'm not sure if customers will get the 'with a twist' bit. Consumers will buy it again - but probably only when it's on promotion. Three stars
Ged Futter, buying manager (condiments & cooking), Asda

The Grocer
These are something of a mixed bag. The best of the bunch is the sweet chilli flavour. It is zingy and not too sweet, and is likely to come into its own when the BBQ season arrives. The lime and chilli was also a good effort. In contrast, the lemon & roast garlic tasted like a cheap tartar sauce - and I wasn't impressed when I found it was peppered with capers. Three stars
Richard Ford, fresh produce reporter