Company: Emporia Brands
Rsp: £16.95
Market size: £70m [Golden Rum]
The competition: Mount Gay, Cockspur, Bacardi Oro

The consumer
I tried this neat, with lemonade and with apple juice to give it a fair chance. The bottle it came in and the colour of the alcohol looked attractive and fairly tempting. However, I was disappointed with the flavour as it left a slightly chemical aftertaste that I found hard to shake. By far the best mixer was apple juice because it brought out the spices and a woody flavour. I wouldn't normally buy this because of the price, but I am quite happy to share what is left in the bottle with friends. Three stars (out of five)
Balihar Khalsa, student, North London

The expert
Chairman's Reserve is a blend of double distilled pot and continuous still rums. The thick-set bottle and labelling work well and help to evince a strong premium feel while maintaining a sense of authenticity. The quality of the rum is very good and will appeal to golden rum lovers. There is a nice balance of rich honeyed notes with softer vanilla spice and a medium body. Overall this is a well-crafted rum that should do well with its target audience. Four stars
Henry Moran, trading manager, Musgrave Retail Partners

The Grocer
I found this to be a really full-bodied rum bursting with flavour and spicy smells. It was not sickly sweet like some rums. Drinking it neat was not a wholly pleasant experience but it mixed well with coke. However, the bottle leaked before the seal was opened and, at £16.95, I think it is overpriced and may struggle to compete with cheaper golden rums. Three stars
Peter Cripps, senior reporter