Company: Warburtons
Rsp: 64p for 40g
Competition: Kettle Chips, Walkers’ Red Sky

The consumer
Warburtons has taken its baking expertise and created a serious contender to the healthier snack market. ChippidyDooDaas are based around baked pitta bread cut into bite-sized triangles. All the flavours are good, but the Chilli Jack especially stands out.

At work, I usually have a mid-morning snack and would definitely choose these if they were available. Top marks! Five stars (out of five)
Peter Lock, technical adviser, Haywards Heath

The retailer
The pack design is fun and contemporary but it could do a better job of communicating the actual contents to the consumer. The product itself is crunchy with good flavouring - the Chilli Jack ingredient packs a punch and is a refreshing change from potato or grain-based fried products.

These are ideal for eating with dips although there were a lot of breakages in the packs I sampled. At a recommended rsp of 64p for 40g, the contents look sparse for the money. Three stars
Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar

The Grocer
Warburtons' ChippidyDooDaa marks the baker's first move into the snack sector. The dried pitta chips may be 60% lower on fat than standard crisps but they are not short on flavour. I enjoyed munching down a bag of the Chilli Jack it wasn't too spicy and is great for snacking.

Compared with other premium bagged snacks, the packaging of ChippidyDooDaa is very dynamic and certainly stands out on shelf (though I'm not sure what the bird is meant to be).

On the downside, they are more costly than their main rivals Kettle Chips and Walkers' Red Sky, with the rsps at 64p per 40g pack and £1.79 per 150g sharing bag. Four stars
Michelle Perrett, chief reporter