Company: UB Drinks
RSP: £9.99
Market size: The UK spirit market was worth £2.7bn last year
The competition: Smirnoff, Russian Standard, Vladivar 

The consumer
Dannoff is basic and inoffensive and satisfies the definition of vodka. The packaging is simple with a slight suggestion of cheapness. The bottle would not stand out on a shelf. The target consumer would seem to be someone who just needs a bottle of vodka and isn’t interested in paying extra for showy packaging or even necessarily flavour. Dannoff tastes fine, with the exception of the faint glue-ish flavour of all vodka when sipped straight. It’ll do. Two stars (out of five)
Dusty Ritter, analyst, Surbiton

The expert
There is nothing wrong with Dannoff Vodka. Equally there is nothing that stands out, no point of difference. The packaging works reasonably well although the white gives a more economy brand feel. The liquid is fine – you won’t drink it straight but as a base there is no problem. But with Smirnoff, Absolut, Vladivar, Russian Standard and so on all spending so much on advertising I can’t see what will make this a success. Two stars
Henry Moran, trading manager, Musgrave Retail Partners

The Grocer
The vodka market has been deluged with premium, super-premium and even ultra- premium spirits for the past five years so at the very least it is refreshing to have a company approach the market from a different angle. It promises to be “premium without the price”, which it doesn’t quite manage, particularly with the packaging. On the other hand at this price it is well made enough to work well with a variety of mixers or in long cocktails. Three stars
Robyn Lewis, food & drink editor