Company: Duchy Originals/Poundbury
RSP: £6.49, 160g
Market size: £260m
The competition: After Eight, Green & Black’s

The Consumer

I wouldn’t pick these from the shelf – the packaging is boring. The box made me think of After Eights, but these are a lot more expensive, which makes beautiful packaging even more important. It’s possible that they could be confused with biscuits. The taste is a different story. The chocolate is smooth and creamy with fresh, natural flavours and the thin pieces literally melt in your mouth. I would buy them if it weren’t for the ridiculous price tag. Two stars (out of five)
Megan Tudehope, head of news, Healthcare Commission

The Expert
The packaging is superb and would stand out on shelf. Whether anyone knows what a bezant is, however, another matter. The chocolate itself really delivers – the mint oil and Arabica coffee flavours make for a quirky taste. But, for what is an upmarket After Eight mint, the £6.49 price is excessive. Consumers are tightening their belts and retailers may be reluctant to give these shelf space. Two stars
Nigel Ashton, business manager, Nisa-Today’s

The Grocer
At half the weight and double the price of After Eights, these have their work cut out to compete. The packaging doesn’t scream premium, or even decadence. And it’s difficult to know what they are. Will Joe Public know what a bezant is? (It’s a coin featuring the Duchy of Cornwall’s coat of arms). On the plus side, they taste sensational. Your average shopper at Waitrose (where they are listed) may be convinced by the taste, but will the packaging tempt them to try in the first place? Three stars
David Burrows, Focus On editor