Fentimans Tonic Water Company: Fentimans Price: 65p Expert's verdict... 8/10 ?A great product with bags of flavour. The novel pack size and high-quality packaging will provide shelf standout and a point of difference on the soft drinks fixture. The family of products set to be introduced will be hard to merchandise as the cola would be located away from the tonic. The range would be ideally located together near the top of the carbonates fixture. The premium nature of the product would prohibit it from Londis shelves, but it could add value in Budgens. John Taylor, head of buying, impulse, MBL Consumer's verdict... 9/10 ?The idea of a premium tonic is a good idea, especially if you're going to add it to a high-quality gin or vodka. I loved the packaging because it looks old-fashioned and quintessentially English. The smaller size also added to the appeal as it was cute. At first I thought it was too lemony, but after the initial slurp the rest of the flavours came through and I thought it went well with the gin. It is a bit expensive, but if I'd bought a good bottle of gin I'd think it was worth paying the extra money for a good tonic. Rebecca Davies, teacher, Cheltenham A year down the line... Arniston Bay Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Company: The Company of Wine People Launch Price: £4.99 Today's price: £4.99 The brand has had particular interest from the cash and carry sector, with listings in Imperial, Parfetts, Dhamecha, Tyne Tees C&C and J&J Wines. It followed the bottle launch with that of a 1.5-litre pouch, which has an 80%-lower carbon footprint than its equivalent in bottles. It also ran an on-pack promotion, Go with the Flow, offering trips to Arniston Bay. This year it will be rolling out the pouch format across the range and launching 25cl pouches for the travel and events sectors.