Company: Findus
Rsp: £3.99/single-serve pack
Competition: Birds Eye’s Simply Bake To Perfection
The sell: Findus is positioning the range as “fresh food, frozen” and said the NPD would create an entirely new ­sub-category of premium, frozen ready meals

The consumer
I liked the fact that the packaging allowed you to see what you were buying and the frozen meal looked appetising. The taste really was 'fresher' not the dried-out chicken you expect from a frozen dinner. I preferred the taste when cooked in the microwave to when it was baked in the oven. Four stars (out of five)
Claire Annals, freelance proofreader, Nottinghamshire

The retailer
The product aims to attract the consumer away from fresh variants. The innovative packaging cooked well in the microwave and resulted in a succulent piece of chicken with a well-balanced sauce complemented by the vegetable medley. However, it disappointed when cooked in the oven. Compared with other complete roast meals, Fresher Taste is expensive and doesn't represent value for money. Unless heavily discounted it will struggle. Three stars
Robert Neal, trading controller, Spar

The Grocer
Lacking in both time and an oven meant I had to microwave this new effort from Findus. Braced for dry chicken and tasteless vegetables, I was actually quite impressed by the tender meat and rich, herby sauce. But who is it aimed at? The rsp and individual portions certainly rules it out as a family meal option most freezers don't have the space for four of them. If Findus is targeting wealthier consumers, it must shout about the surprisingly good quality of Fresher Taste with a slick marketing push. Four stars
Alex Beckett, food & drink editor