Expert's verdict...8/10 ?As a tomato sauce that's easy to pour and tasty, this could have potential. The eye-catching bottle gives it a premium feel, and the string on the label is nice - it would look at home in a country kitchen. But will it sit comfortably anywhere else? I'm not sure it will appeal to families with teenagers, but there could be a market with foodies and families that want something different. It may also be more versatile than traditional ketchup, perhaps for use in cooking. The fruity, Italian flavour is a bonus, and maybe that's worth paying extra for. Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's Consumer's verdict...6/10 ?For me, the words posh and ketchup don't really go hand in hand. Ketchup is ketchup, and, although we don't have it that often, there's always a bottle in the cupboard in case we have a quick supper of fish (coley of course, not cod) and chips. I really don't think I would spend three times the price of normal ketchup on a posher version like this. But the family liked the taste; it was something different. It looks good, tastes good, but I'd rather spend the extra pennies on what I feel are the more important things in our shopping trolley such as veg, meat and fish. Hilary Kent, retired, Plymouth A year down the line... Magnum Ecuador Dark and Magnum Colombia Aroma Company: Unilever Launch Price: £2.79 Today's price: £2.79 Unilever followed the lead of wine, coffee and chocolate by detailing on-pack the origins of ingredients of its new Ecuador Dark and Colombia Aroma Magnums last year. The latter was replaced by Mayan Mystica in February, but Unilever said the former was a "huge hit", helping the total brand grow 3% to £75m. Actress Eva Longoria is currently fronting Magnum's £7m marketing campaign.