Company: Heinz
Rsp: £1.15
Competition: Hellmann’s, Crosse & Blackwell

The consumer
At first taste it was really strong compared with the healthier-for-you light salad cream I usually have. It also tasted very peppery, which I don't really like. I think it would taste quite good with fish but not so good in a sandwich as it could overpower the flavour of the other fillings. I personally did not find the packaging to be particularly appealing as it revealed the large amount of black pepper in the Salad Cream. Three stars (out of five)
Donna Coller, nursery assistant

The retailer
The concept sounded tasty as I am a fan of salad cream, but the reality was quite disappointing. There is definitely a strong flavour of sharp lemon and some heat from the pepper but it just doesn't work in a product like salad cream. The flavours do not complement each other. And frankly, at £1.15 for just 295g, it is not very good value. One star
Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar

The Grocer
This Lemon & Black Pepper variant is the first time Heinz has introduced a flavour into its range but I was disappointed. The new line is designed to entice younger consumers into the salad cream category, but I'm not sure whether this will do the trick. As a fan of traditional salad cream, I found its watery texture and lack of taste a big disappointment. I tried it with a salad and found I needed to use a lot of the product to get any of the lemon flavour. Coming at a price of £1.15 it is in line with Heinz's other salad cream variants, but this is quite steep amount to fork out considering the small size. Two stars
Michelle Perrett, chief reporter