Company: John West
Rsp: £1.49
Market size: £442m
The competition: Princes, WeightWatchers

The consumer
At last! This is such a good idea from John West. Draining away the smelly, sticky oil or brine always used to be such an unpleasant chore - I think I will actually be eating more tuna now. The fish was tender and juicier than I expected and perfectly fine to be eaten straight away. The price was decent value and I can imagine sales of standard canned tuna suffering because of this innovation. Four stars (out of five)
William Harfield, company director, Cornwall

The retailer
No Drain, Less Mess Tuna is an innovative launch from John West. It is a good concept that delivers on its no-mess promise without compromising on taste. However, it would have been even better if the cans came with a ringpull, as the benefits of not having to drain the product is slightly outweighed by the fact that you need to open with an old-fashioned can opener. It's a good innovation, but it remains to be seen if consumers are prepared to pay the premium charged for the tuna, which, after all, is a commodity product. Four stars
Nigel Ashton, business manager, Nisa-Today's

The Grocer
No longer will kitchen sinks be messed up and spattered with stinking brine or oil. No longer will the clumsy among us risk slicing open a digit on the sharp tin lid. Tuna is such a versatile, healthy food but draining this fish was annoying - so hats off to John West. The absence of liquid does no harm to the taste or texture of the tuna, and the 10p price premium over John West's standard range is well worth it. Five stars
Alex Beckett, products editor