Company: Nestlé
Rsp: 56p
Competition: Green & Black’s
The sell: The higher cocoa content and sleeker look will help the brand tap into the popularity of dark chocolate

The consumer
The 'new 70% dark' emblazoned across the packet certainly catches the eye and I was also pleased to read that this is Fairtrade chocolate. The taste is great and, although it is a higher-percentage dark chocolate, doesn't seem as bitter as the old dark Kit Kat. The chocolate seems thicker than current Kit Kats, but I have found that this varies anyway. Having recently read about the benefits of dark chocolate, I am quite likely to buy this one again. Four stars (out of five)
Jean Rollinson, author and copy editor, Newbury

The retailer
The wrapper clearly communicates the higher cocoa content of the new bar, which differentiates it from the milk chocolate variant. The taste is smooth and rich with a slightly bitter aftertaste. The 70% cocoa content is a must for dark chocolate connoisseurs but dark chocolate is a niche market, so there will always be a natural limit to sales. However, I'm sure lovers of dark chocolate will be pleased with what Kit Kat 70% Dark offers them. Four stars
David Sabin, trading controller, Nisa-Today's

The Grocer
I was quite sceptical when I first heard about Kit Kat 70% Dark. It felt a bit like the idea of Pot Noodle trying to do organic by no means a match made in heaven. But I was pleasantly surprised. Dark block chocolate with 70% (or more) cocoa content can be too much on its own, but Kit Kat's trademark wafer made the hit a little less intense and will, I believe, encourage trial of darker chocolate. Four stars
Richard Ford, deputy fresh foods editor