Company: Ehrmanns
Rsp: £6.99 to £7.49
Competition: Kumala, Stormhoek

The consumer 
This wine has a strong, distinctive flavour, with aromas of lemon and gooseberry. It has a smooth texture and is quite sweet and surprisingly appetising. I would drink it with a rich chicken dish or perhaps pasta. The wine is quite warming and therefore perfect for winter drinking or sharing with friends. Overall, I felt this was a good quality wine and it was distinctive from other Sauvignon Blancs I have tasted. Four stars (out of five)
Sarah Alkalaf, teacher, Coventry

The retailer
Fairtrade has become an important cue for customers at point of purchase, but it's important that it delivers the same quality as non-Fairtrade wines of a similar price. It does have attractive grapefruity and leesy notes, but for its £6.99 price tag it is somewhat one dimensional and short. However, well done to Ehrmanns for continuing to lift the Fairtrade banner as well as supporting the Black Economic Empowerment programme. Three stars
Dror Nativ, wine trading manager, Spar

The Grocer
Although I prefer red wine to white, I'm quite partial to a decent Sauvignon Blanc but it has to be bone dry, which this wasn't. Rather the reverse it was quite sweet and not in a pleasant way. A lightly citrus but somewhat bland nose was the clue to the absence of any distinctive character and I have to say I was shocked when I heard the price I wouldn't pay half that for it, or offer it to friends! It did add a certain je ne sais quoi to the gravy, though, and I suspect it would work well with (meaning in) a pasta dish. Two stars
Liz Hamson, deputy editor