Company: Stock Spirits Group
Rsp: £9.98/500ml bottle
Competition: Luxardo, Pallini
The sell: Limoncé is positioned an ideal after-dinner drink – served icy cold – or enjoyed with a mixer.

The consumer
The shape of the bottle is interesting and the colour gives it instant shelf appeal, but the fact that it doesn't say Limoncello on the label might mystify potential buyers as to what is in the bottle. Taste-wise, the drink has a nice sherbet sweetness, but I found the strong alcoholic aftertaste a bit much. This tipple is not really my cup of tea, and I am not sure who it would appeal to. Two stars (out of five)
Lauren Pope, sales assistant, Crawley

The retailer
Although Italians will know what it is, there isn't a huge market for digestifs in the UK. It may be more appealing to women because of its sweetness and it could make a good cocktail ingredient. It has the waxy lemon note that you expect from Limoncello and overall, the product has a very balanced flavour. But although the drink would definitely stand up against others in the market, I'm not entirely sure how much the flavour will appeal in the UK. Two stars
Chris Brooks, spirits buyer, Asda

The Grocer
Although the flavour seems a little bitter to me, there is much about this drink that Stock Spirits has got right. Its packaging and name drive home Limoncé's Italian heritage, which can be no bad thing for Brits who continue to enjoy the country's food. As a digestif, Limoncé's sherbet-like lemony taste appeals, but limoncello's use as an ingredient for desserts and puddings has also recently been highlighted by Nigella Lawson. With a price below £10, I see no reason consumers wouldn't give it a try. Three stars
Anna-Marie Julyan, food & drink reporter