Company: Unilever
RSP: £1.15
Market size: £45m
The competition: Twinings, Typhoo, Tetley

The consumer
There's a tempting fruity picture on the box but I had to read the small print to find out it contains real pieces of fruit and natural flavours. The infusion is surprisingly flavoursome and the cranberry balances the sweetness nicely. This is reasonably priced, tastes pleasant and the individual pyramid bags are handy, so I would be happy to buy it again. Four stars (out of five)
Cherry Butler, student, Berkshire

The retailer
 This new range of infusions will certainly shake up the £50m fruit and herbal tea sector. Lipton is the second largest beverage brand globally, so launching a product like this in the UK is common sense. The packaging is vibrant and will stand out on shelf. I think it should surely appeal to young-minded customers. The real fruit pieces in the bag give the tea both a distinctive flavour and appearance. Would I buy it at £1.15? Probably a bit too steep, but I would certainly buy it at £1. Three stars
Chris Higley, buyer for hot beverages and sugar, Asda

The Grocer
I'm not sure what to make of this, to be honest. It's not unpleasant and tastes vaguely of the ingredients it is supposed to. Plus, at £1.15, it's not going to break the bank. But there are much more interesting and complex herbal and fruit teas out there - and though they're pricier, they, ahem, come in much sexier packaging. So unless my finances dictate otherwise, I'll be sticking to them for the time being. Three stars
Liz Hamson, deputy editor