Company: Farmhouse Fare
Rsp: £2.99 per 300g tub
Competition: Häagen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry's, Gü
The sell: Unashamedly indulgent, Lovetub was launched to meet a market opportunity for a pudding that can be eaten while slouched on the sofa, as an alternative to premium ice cream.

The consumer

The Lovetub variant I tried was rich and chocolatey, although perhaps a little on the sweet side for my taste. The product tasted as if it was made from quality ingredients, and the sponge was thick but not excessively dense. The portion was huge they suggest sharing between two or eating alone, but it could easily stretch to three servings. The price was reasonable and I'd definitely consider buying it again for an indulgent treat. Three stars (out of five)
Alice Cuninghame, freelance copywriter, Brighton

The retailer
Lovetub is meant to be eaten hot and straight from the tub, either solo or in one of those cuddle-up-on-a-sofa moments. However, a blanket isn't needed as the tub was so hot it was tricky to handle after being microwaved. The pudding itself had a nice texture and the chocolate sauce was rich and gooey though I didn't reach the bottom. Lovetub targets women looking for indulgence. But finishing a tub in one sitting is a challenge, even for a serious chocaholic. Three stars
Anna Nowak, trading manager, Spar

The Grocer
A hot dessert eaten straight from the box is an exciting concept, but Lovetub is a clumsy execution. It's too much to "just treat yourself" to, as the packaging invites, and even between two this was a struggle. However, although it was four times the price of a Heinz canned chocolate sponge pudding, and mega-calorific, it tasted great. Three stars
Elinor Zuke, reporter