Expert's verdict:7/10 ?An intelligent entry to the branded new world wine market, combining the sought after Pinot Grigio grape with the popular Chardonnay. This blend works well, delivering a dry, well- balanced wine that will appeal to men and women in their twenties and thirties. Branded Australian wines continue to grow, but I suspect the availability of well-priced liquid will be a challenge, given the drought problems forecast for the future. Gaining trial through promotions will be crucial to its success. Packaging and presentation may be an issue as I am not sure the style will connect with the target market. John Taylor, head of buying, impulse, MBL Consumer's verdict:9/10 ?I really liked the packaging on this wine as it has quite a modern and appealing look. I would definitely pick it up in a shop as I think it would stand out from the other wine brands out there. I drink a lot of white Australian wine and the idea of a Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio blend was appealing. I wasn't disappointed with the taste either. It was really fresh, crisp and drinkable. I would definitely buy this again and I would like to try the rosé and red wines as well. Rebecca Garrett, civil servant, London A year down the line... Sabai Hibiscus Company: Red Bull UK Launch price: £4.99 for 4 x 275ml bottles Today's price: £4.99 Acid test verdict: 2.5 stars Sabai, a wine spritzer with exotic fruit, sells 90 million bottles a year in Thailand, where it is known as Spy Cooler. It is pitched as a feminine alternative to beer or cider and aimed at fashionable, sociable women aged 22 to 28. The company launched Sabai Pomegranate this year and will be running a national print and sampling campaign this summer. A distribution drive for both drinks is also planned, focusing on the south east and north west.