Company: Thatchers; Hall & Woodhouse
Rsp: £1.75
Competition: Gaymers, Bulmers

The consumer
Although I am predominantly an apple cider drinker, I found this a decent alternative, giving a crisp taste and fruity aroma. It is light in colour and well packaged but it has a distinct, lingering aftertaste that some may find overpowering. There is adequate balance in sharp versus sweet flavours but it is not enough to persuade me to shift allegiance. Having said that, I would recommend people try this product to make up their own mind. Three stars
Graham Cullinane, IT professional, Suffolk

The retailer
It has the look and feel of the Badger Brewery about it, which will help attract ale drinkers who are familiar with the portfolio. The packaging is strong and the cider will stand out on shelf against other variants. However, although the drink is crisp and refreshing, as indicated on the bottle, it doesn't really meet expectations it lacks pear flavour, is fairly watery and finishes quite short. This is disappointing and might hinder repeat purchases. Three stars
Ian Targett, beer and cider buyer, Tesco

The Grocer
The no-nonsense label worked for me although the dodgy 'pearfectly delicious' pun was uncalled for. I found it interesting that it should be called Pearwood, as the flavour was more woody than pear. But in my book that's a good thing and there are enough sweet pear-flavoured ciders on the market already. It had a bittersweet aftertaste, which could help its chances of becoming a session cider with blokes. The bottle is a tad smaller than the big brand rivals and works out a bit pricier. However, the unique taste makes it a worthy addition to an already busy shelf. Three stars
Alex Beckett, food & drink editor