Company: Play Beverage
Rsp: £1.29/250ml
Competition: Red Bull, Irn-Bru
The sell: The new energy drink is positioned as “a great-tasting product that is energy and more”

The consumer
The Playboy Bunny adorning the front of the can instantly draws your eye to the product and does a great job of setting it apart from rivals in the energy drinks market. I also preferred the taste over that of most other energy drinks. It was nice and smooth but was not too sweet. It wasn't too fizzy either. Four stars (out of five)
Jolyon Brooks, gardener, Epsom

The retailer
Yet another energy drink of dubious heritage that tastes very similar to the rest of the products on the market, albeit with a vanilla aftertaste. I would have thought that the target market for this brand was extremely limited and can't imagine that any right-minded male above 14 years of age would be seen dead holding a can. Tacky beyond belief. One star
Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar

The Grocer
I enjoyed the taste of this newcomer to the energy drink market. The liquid is similar to Red Bull in appearance and flavour but is sweeter, lighter and fruitier than its more established rival. However, the black and orangey-gold packaging falls some way short of being classy.

And it seems likely that the glaringly unsubtle Playboy logo could mean the product struggles as an everyday drink. That being said, its sense of adult fun provides a great opportunity for the product to thrive if it is promoted as a mixer in bars and clubs. Three stars
James Halliwell, reporter