Company: Unilever
Rsp: 49p
Competition: Mug Shot, Batchelors Supernoodles

The consumer
This was quick, convenient and very easy to make. I was surprised by how aromatic it smelled and it was very tasty, with a strong tomato flavour and good amount of herbs. The portion size was quite large and there were a lot of noodles, which tended to float at the top so it was quite difficult to drink. Also, just look at how much salt is in one serving. But all in all it was a filling and satisfying snack, which filled me up till lunch. Three stars (out of five)
Lisa da Silva, planning officer, Haywards Heath

The retailer
I don't expect many of the target consumers are pencil-behind-the-ear builders, which leaves the on-pack joke a little confused. Each serving contains 27% of GDA of salt and this is, not surprisingly, the predominant flavour. You could grit the pavement with it! Also, it leaves an unpleasant after-taste, not to mention that it contains a third more calories than its rival. At 49p per sachet, it compares well to standard Pot Noodle but less favourably to Cup a Soup. Customer communication will be key. Two stars
David Harland, trading controller, Spar

The Grocer
The concept of Pot Noodle in a cup might be sacrilegious to its aficionados, but the idea makes sense from a convenience perspective. Made with a minimum of time and fuss, the tomato and herb variant tasted good and appealed as a quick snack. Aside from the unamusing on-pack jokes, there is little to complain about. However, by entering a crowded marketplace that includes high-flying Mug Shot and Batchelors Super Noodles, Pot Noodle faces a tougher than usual fight for share. Three stars
Michael Barker, fresh foods editor