Company: Powershot
RSP: £1.99 for a pack of two
Market size: unknown
The Competition: Red Bull, Pro Plus

The consumer
I am not usually a fan of energy drinks as they are often full of caffeine and therefore not particularly good for you, so I found an energy boost made from just ginseng and water appealing. A freezing October morning cycle was the perfect opportunity to try it out and I was pleased with the result. Like anything that works, it tastes foul. But it was effective. I felt more alert than the previous morning and recovered from the ride quicker. Four stars (out of five)
Alex Black, journalist, London

The expert
The packaging has been kept simple but in my opinion it is missing an opportunity to highlight its key benefits, such as the fact it contains no caffeine or taurine. I feel a strong marketing campaign will be much required to communicate the real points of difference versus other energy drinks. Clearly this format is new to the UK market, therefore there are incremental sales opportunities to be had by bringing new customers to the category, as well as encouraging existing energy drink users to buy a pack. Four stars
Chris Dennis, trading manager - soft drinks, Musgrave Retail Partners GB

The Grocer
This certainly didn't give me wings. Or much of an energy boost at all in fact - especially given how awful it tasted. It's a novel idea though; there is certainly scope for a product like this to sit somewhere between a Pro Plus pill and a can of Red Bull. The plus point is that it is healthier than either of those, but it tasted just as bad as any other energy drink out there and I'm fed up of energy drinks that taste awful. Good idea, but needs some work. Two stars
Ronan Hegarty, news editor