Company: R&R
Rsp: £2.49 for a pack of four
Competition: Cornetto
The sell: Rolo Cone would deliver “an affordable, everyday indulgence under a brand name that consumers love”.

The consumer
I enjoyed this product and was pleasantly surprised at the variety of flavours and textures. The caramel was delicious and made the ice cream seem a real treat. The cone was nice and firm, not soggy at all. My only negative comment was the lump of chocolate at the bottom, which was hard and created a strange ending, but that would apply to cone ice cream in general. Also, the chocolate bore no resemblance to Rolo. Four stars
Darren Connaghan, geographical information systems consultant, Brighton

The expert
A strong brand which should suit a premium ice cream cone. Sadly, the first bite disappoints; pale chocolate ice cream, which looks anything but indulgent, and not enough of the flavours that characterise Rolo. But, with a caramel core it got better the more you ate! In a crowded and promotionally driven market, it will have to work hard to succeed. This is more of a seasonal listing than a year-round product. Three star
Robert Neal, trading controller, Spar

The Grocer
Having enjoyed my fair share of Rolo confectionery in my time, I was excited by this shift into ice cream. However, the product itself bore almost no relation to the original chocolates. The ice cream lacked any distinctive flavour or creaminess. This product will sell on the strength of the brand alone, but Rolo lovers will be unlikely to have any qualms about giving away their last Rolo ice cream cone. One star
Ronan Hegarty, news editor