Company: First Drinks
Rsp: £16.49
Competition: Morgan’s Spiced

The consumer
The label design certainly appeals thanks to the hula girl! It looks too stylish to hide away in a cupboard. Although it is pricey, I liked the vanilla flavour and it went down well with ginger beer and lime. I can imagine a lot of blokes would keep a bottle of this at home for a post-pub nightcap. Four stars (out of five)
Andrew Bohanna, systems engineer, Surrey

The retailer
There has been some recent controversy with Sailor Jerry following the re-formulation of the liquid. The 'new' Sailor Jerry is less sweet and carries less vanilla and lime, which is what set it apart from other spiced rums. However, the new formulation apparently makes it easier to blend as part of cocktails. Only time will tell as to whether the change is seen as a positive step. At the same time, the packaging was updated which is a real improvement and will appeal to a broader audience, even though 'Sailor Jerry' is less prominent on the packaging. Three stars
Pete Newton, spirits buyer, Booths

The Grocer
Golden rum is flying at the moment thanks to some innovative marketing and strong retailer support. For those dipping their toes in the category for the first time, Sailor Jerry offers a gentle starting point from which to explore a terrific spirit. The new recipe is less sweet than its predecessor and has hints of vanilla and cinnamon that linger pleasingly on the palate.

Although drunk neat it may lack the sophistication of an authentic Caribbean rum, it is improved with ice and ginger ale. It is pricier but less spicy than Diageo rival Morgan's Spiced, which was relaunched a year ago. Three stars
Nick Hughes, deputy features editor