Company: InterContinental Brands
Rsp: £1.69 per 500ml bottle
Competition: Schweppes Lemonade Shandy, Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer, Frank’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer

The consumer
St Helier’s Real Shandy is distinct from any other lager shandy I have tried. It offers a surprisingly refreshing and sweet taste for a 3.5% alcohol lager-based drink. The initial taste is predominantly lemonade, with hints of the lager coming afterwards. The lager flavour is not clearly defined but it is ultimately pleasant and well suited to the drink. The overall taste is subtle and would be most appropriate as an afternoon or early evening drink. Three stars (out of five)
Katie Pridding, trainee teacher, Coventry

The retailer
It’s quite refreshing with a good fizz and a fresh lemon note on the nose, which is maintained on the palate. It looks similar to the rest of the St Helier lines, which could be confusing for customers when the drink is so different. I think it would be a challenge to merchandise the drink in the right place because the alcohol level is high for a shandy at 3.5%. Also, with 1.75 units in the bottle, some customers might prefer a beer with just a little higher abv, delivering a fuller, more complex, flavour than this. Three stars
Ian Targett, beer and cider buyer, Tesco

The Grocer
ICB hoped to do for shandy what Magners did for cider when it introduced this St Helier Real Shandy range in March. I have yet to be convinced. The label may flummox drinkers as it features conflicting messages like ‘ginger beer’, ‘real shandy’ and St Helier, which we all know as a cider. Bit of an identity crisis, then. However, the liquid was refreshing and, for a shandy, quite strong at 3.5% abv. The £1.69 rsp is also good value. Fair play for trying something new. Three stars
Alex Beckett, food & drink editor