Company: InterContinental Brands
Rsp: £7.49
Competition: Weston's Organic Cider

The consumer
It was refreshing and sweeter than Bulmers, my usual cider of choice. It was also easier (and quicker) to drink than stronger-tasting, more bitter ciders. At £7.49, it seems good value for money, but the packaging could be brighter and more eyecatching. The box is a good size, easy to carry and convenient to take to a friend's house or to a picnic once the weather warms up. Three stars (out of five)
Rosalind Butt, sales assistant, Oxfordshire

The retailer
The cider had a light straw colour, with a pleasant aroma and taste of sweet pear drops. While the drink itself was distinct from its parent brand, the packaging remained strong and consistent. However, this St Helier is more aligned to the Magners/Bulmers 'over ice' drinker and I think there's a bit of confusion over exactly which opportunity is being targeted. The sweet taste profile is likely to be more popular north of Hadrian's Wall. Three stars
Steve Howarth, trading controller beer, cider and spirits, Spar

The Grocer
This tastes like pear drops and not in a good way. It's sweeter than most other pear ciders I have tried and verges on sickly. The box doesn't do it many favours, either. Thatchers Scrumpy comes in a 2.5-litre jar, and although plastic, it feels more 'genuine' than this. The picture on the front says "look, I'm nice and I normally come in a bottle", but it still looks cheap. With an rsp of £7.49 for the equivalent of 6x500ml bottles, it's certainly a bargain but only if you can cope with something that tastes like an alcopop. Two stars
Alex Black, features editor