Company: John West
Rsp: £1.49/110g
Competition: Princes, Glenryck
The sell: John West is hoping its new fillets will encourage young and lapsed shoppers to reappraise canned mackerel by providing a credible alternative to chilled offerings.

The consumer
I like the idea that the fillets had no added brine and were steam-cooked. This gave them a more natural taste and meant no nasty spillages when I opened it even though the ring-pull was a bit stiff. The tin felt lighter compared to rival products, which would make it a quick and easy snack to carry in your handbag. But at £1.49, I don't think I would make this a regular addition to my shopping basket over cheaper alternatives. Three stars (out of five)
Ursula Davies, housewife, Worthing

The retailer
Easy to open and with no added brine there is a lot less mess than when opening the standard product. The appearance of the meat inside is appetising and on tasting it has very good flavour and texture. With a recommended retail of £1.49 for 110g though, it is quite a premium over the standard 125g pack. Four stars
John Gill, grocery buyer, Booths 

The Grocer
These fillets pleasantly surprised me. I had feared that they'd taste incredibly fishy because there was no oil or brine to mask the flavour. But the flavour balance was just right and they had a pleasing salty taste. The fillets were firm and still relatively moist and the pack came with a useful serving suggestion. I'll definitely be trading up to these from my usual own-label product in oil. Five stars
Richard Ford, deputy fresh foods editor