Company: Seifried
Rsp: £14.99
Competition: Martini Asti Spumante, Nottage Hill Shiraz

The consumer
While the labelling is slightly uninspiring it's classy enough and the two gold medals give the impression of quality I was immediately struck by the rich golden colour of the liquid, and the delectable scent of caramel was very pleasing to the nose. I expected it to be honey-sweet but the flavour that came to me was reminiscent of sherbet lemons sweet but with a high note as well.

It would make the perfect partner for dessert, a cheeseboard, or on its own as a post-dinner tipple. This is one I would consider buying for someone who appreciates fine wine for a special occasion, although it is rather pricey. Four stars (out of five)
Stephanie Mezulis, barristers' clerk, Bognor Regis

The retailer
This is my kind of wine! Unctuous marmalade and lime flavours balanced immaculately by super-racy acidity. Although this isn't strictly an icewine (the grapes are frozen before they are pressed) this is up there with the best of them. Perfect for a romantic meal for two, with some crunchy almond biscotti. Five stars
Dror Nativ, wine trading manager, Spar

The Grocer
This is a classy bottle of sweet wine, perfect for serving to guests after dinner. It poured like syrup from the bottle and the smell was sweet but not in a sickly way. To taste, it was liquid peardrops combined with burnt honey, and was a good accompaniment to vanilla ice cream. However, the price will put off all but the most seasoned sweet wine fans. At £14.99, this is a nice gift, but I'm not sure it will sell in any great volume. Three stars
Chloe Ryan, senior reporter