Company: Heineken UK
Rsp: £1.80
Competition: Gaymers, St Helier, Kopparberg

The consumer
The labelling is distinctive and promises "a fresh, crisp, fruity cider, with a high degree of complexity and depth of character". In my view it's an understated flavour with a pleasant aftertaste. It's more akin to a subtle-tasting cider one might drink in the West Country it certainly does not have that artificial taste one can get from some well-known other brands. It's quite refreshing and would work well at a barbecue on a hot summer's day. Four stars (out of five)
Declan McCartan, electronic engineer, Belfast

The retailer
The liquid is a deep golden colour with a mild apple aroma. For a cider targeted at the 'niche' market this feels more like mainstream. The taste starts off crisp but this quickly fades. The navy blue packaging fits well alongside the Bulmers/Scrumpy Jack family, but is quite dark and may struggle to stand out on shelves. The challenge here is whether Symonds Founder's Reserve offers a point of difference or not. Only time will tell. Three stars
Steve Howarth, trading controller beer, cider & spirits, Spar

The Grocer
The packaging, reminiscent of a premium ale, is a refreshing change from the many me-too posh ciders that are so abundant these days. And while the drink itself has a fresh, clean taste with a good complex flavour, I can't see that it has enough point of difference to really make an impact in such a crowded marketplace. This will go down well among enthusiasts who like to keep trying new brands and may have enough to keep them coming back for more. Three stars
Ronan Hegarty, news editor