Expert's verdict:8/10 ?Carlsberg may just have hit on a winner by re-introducing Tuborg into the UK market. The 20 x 275ml pack of traditional Danish Pilsner beer is great value and, at 4.6% abv, fills a void between standard and premium lager. The product retains its nutty and smooth flavour and the consumer brand recall will help drive trial. The distinctive green bottle design, the Tuborg crest and the gold and black script will definitely appeal to the older drinker. It should do particularly well during the summer months. John Taylor, head of buying, impulse, MBL Consumer's verdict:9/10 ?My first thought was how brilliant the pull-off lid is. The bottle is easy to open and yet it looks very smart. This detail helps the drink stand out from rivals and makes it ideal for picnics, festivals and barbecues. The beer has a pleasant and refreshing taste with a clean finish, which leaves you wanting more. I would be interested to know if it is actually imported from Denmark as this is not made clear on the label, but the taste is of the same high standard of beer brewed in this part of the world. The UK beer market is a tough one to crack but Tuborg is a strong contender. Carl Day, regional sales manager, Horsham A year down the line... Brothers Cider Company: Brothers Drinks Launch price: £1.59 Today's price: £1.59 Acid test verdict: 2 stars Brothers has sampled its Pear Cider at Glastonbury Festival since 1995 and launched a range for the off and on-trade in 2006. The company focused on the on-trade, but there were listings in Tesco Extra and specialist independents.Today's off-trade listings include Asda, Tesco Extra, Booths, James Hall (North West Spar) and Booker. The Thresher Group will list from the 18th April. The brand will ramp up marketing activity this year with PR activity and sponsorship of the Glastonbury Festival.