Expert's verdict:5/10 ?At 43.2% abv, Tungi is potent and the strap line 'Enjoy the rich smooth flavour of pure unblended Prickly Pear Spirit' is accurate. Regrettably, the bizarre packaging may alienate the off-trade. It is not space-efficient in any way. But the on-trade may find this offbeat offering entertains punters this summer. The stairs-shaped bottle with the story of Napoleon, the island of St Helena, and its 700-step Jacob's Ladder, will allow more than one landlord the opportunity for wild stories during late-night drinking sessions. John Taylor, head of buying, impulse, MBL Consumer's verdict:7/10 ?The packaging is eye catching and, while 'Prickly Pear' may not make me buy it, curiosity may make me look at it. I didn't know what to drink it with, though. I was hoping for ideas on the label but instead got the history of Tungi and St Helena. The bottle lasted one opening before the cork top separated from the plastic plug. A one-off fault, perhaps. I didn't find a measure on ice to my taste so I tried mixes. Ginger beer was good and Indian tonic and lime also worked well. It's a pleasant alternative to vodka, and much nicer than tequila. Duane Strikwerda, IT Contractor, Cowfold, West Sussex A year down the line... Classic Mix Company: Diageo Launch price: £4.99 Today's price: £4.99 Acid test verdict: 3.5 stars Classic Mix was developed for the off-trade for consumers to enjoy spirits at home. It is aimed primarily at women aged 25 to 40, looking for a drink that is simple to serve. Diageo ran an in-store sampling campaign and trolley ads. The brand had a sales uplift in spring and summer. This year the company is focusing on driving trial through sampling and advertising around and in stores.