Company: PLB Group
Rsp: £1.59
Market size: £199m
The competition: Hoppers, Corona, Desperados

The consumer
Considering the nature of the name, the labelling is lame. If it wants to be Twisted it should have a wild and exciting design. However, I liked the taste and the refreshing iced tea flavour was not overpowered by the alcohol, surprising as it was 5% abv. The barley element was especially appealing. I guess some people will be suspicious about mixing tea and booze but these guys have proved the combination works. Watch out Lipton! Four stars (out of five)
Jo Myers, bar manager, north London

The retailer
The labelling for Twisted Tea is very bold and brash, with good shelf presence due to the bright colours. The description is a bit off-putting, with 'Hard Iced Tea' very American. The product itself is quite appealing, with a light, refreshing citrus flavour, but I am not sure who the product is aimed at as it falls between soft drink, Mexican lager and RTD. And it is let down by the price as well as by packaging that too closely resembles an iced tea brand. Three stars
Steve Howarth, trading controller, beer, cider & spirits, Spar UK

The Grocer
Less sugary than iced tea, Twisted was quite pleasant on the palate and the impact of the 5% abv was hidden beneath the malt and barley flavours. Despite the packaging claims, it didn't "work like a beer" as it lacked a fizzy, hop-flavoured kick, but the company deserves credit for trying to liven up the RTD category. Can it repeat its US success in the UK? Only if our summer is more Sunset Beach than Sunderland. Three stars
Alex Beckett, products editor