Expert's verdict: 4/10 ?The packaging is up to the usual Uncle Ben's standard and the product looks interesting. The flavours also sounded OK. However, I followed the instructions and found that the product itself did not live up to my expectations. The result was a gloopy mess and it wasn't pleasant to eat. I needed to add extra flavour as it was very poor in taste. Both the taste and texture of all flavours were disappointing. Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's Consumer's verdict: 4/10 ?The packaging looks similar to other ready meals but still good quality. The photo makes it look like a decent risotto but, although it is simple to make, the real thing is not so tempting. It smelt OK but there was a distinct hint of artificial bacon. I love a dash of wine in my risotto and that is lacking too. The taste was not creamy enough and had a weird hint of vinegar. From the picture on the packet, I expected more mushroom and bacon and was quite disappointed by the meal's size. No way would that feed two people and £1.69 is too pricey. Alan Jackson, fisherman, Horsham A year down the line... Pringles Gourmet Company: Procter & Gamble Launch price: £1.38 per 120g tub Today's price: £1.38 per 160g tub Acid test verdict: 1/5 In the past 12 months, Pringles Gourmet has generated more than £5.5m in value for the Pringles brand, according to TNS [52 w/e to 28 February, 2007]. Procter & Gamble says 61% of this has been incremental. The premium range is listed in most major grocers. Since launch, P&G has increased the tub size from 120g to 160g, but has kept the £1.38 price tag.