The panel gets its laughing gear round Wrigley's latest effort to freshen the nation's breath 

Company: Wrigley
RSP: 97p
Market size: £57m
The Competition: Trebor Extra Strong Mints, Smints, Tic Tacs

The consumer
I don’t normally buy mints, but the tin packaging would certainly spark my curiosity. Clicking and flipping open the lid was addictive and it was nice to have a product in metal casing for a change. It felt like better value for your 97p. The mints themselves were okay and good breath fresheners, although the rattle from carrying them around in my pocket became annoying. But I really liked the design and I’d be tempted to buy these in future. Four stars (out of five)
Lucy Garman, air hostess, Littlehampton

The retailer
The pocket-sized tin packaging for Wrigley’s new mint offering is spot on. It adds a contemporary twist, which will help boost its popularity among younger consumers, as will the convenience of the packs. The tins are a great improvement on the old box Extra Mint offer. The actual product delivers on freshness and provides a long-lasting flavour, as you would expect from a premium-positioned mint. Wrigley’s could be on to a winner with this one. Four stars
Nigel Ashton, business manager, Nisa-today’s

The Grocer
Wrigley’s inspired use of snazzy metal packaging and the clickable lid does a lot to shake off the OAP-friendly image of mints. Charging 97p is fully justified, as the tube is crammed with mints and you don’t need more than one at a time to freshen your breath. But it’s the bold use of metal – in this day and age of volatile metal prices – that wins Wrigley my full marks. How many confectionery products are packaged in metal? Exactly. Five stars
Alex Beckett, food & drink editor