Expert's verdict: 8/10 ?The packaging works well and has a traditional feel, which makes you think of an old-fashioned tea room. It plays on its heritage and it works. Unfortunately the Try Me Free sticker detracts from the packaging and it is unnecessary given the quality of the product. The price is quite high but understandable as it is a premium product. The taste was great and the loaf is really moist. This product would benefit from in-store sampling along with a cup of tea. Yorkshire Tea is a well-known tea brand and this product should benefit from being part of its growing portfolio of cakes and biscuits. Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's Consumer's verdict: 8/10 ?The packaging is attractive and it sits well within the market. I especially liked the cake tin style on the inner packaging. There was something comforting in a 'granny's just made it' way and it would appeal to an older market. I like other Yorkshire Tea products so this would have caught my eye on shelf. The £1.99 price tag seems expensive for a fruit cake, although this is one of the nicest I have ever tasted. The cake has loads of fruit in it and it's moist with a taste of treacle, which is a nice touch. I would buy it again over other varieties. Liz Hill, graphic designer, Brighton A year down the line... Orchid Liqueurs Company: Outin Drinks Launch price: £10.50 Today's price: £10.50 Acid test verdict: 2/5 Orchid Liqueurs was launched to tap into the growing cocktail market. Since the launch Orchid Liqueurs has featured in a number of TV shows, including Channel 4's Transmission With T-Mobile. The company has targeted the on-trade, developing a cocktail list and running promotions in clubs to encourage consumers to purchase the brand with Champagne to make bellinis. The company plans to add new flavours to the range this year.