Expert's verdict...21/25

The packaging fuses the Sharwood's heritage with a distinctly authentic look. The Asian theme is captured well in the presentation with the packs clearly stating the ingredients and strength. As such, the range is well positioned for the premium sauce market. On tasting, I found that each offering lived up to the high expectations that the packaging created. The presentation and the price will ensure anyone looking for an authentic Asian meal won't be disappointed.

Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's

Consumer's verdict...17/25

Having tasted all the products, I was surprised to find some to be excellent, while others were rather poor. My clear favourite was the Rendang, which was perfect. The Satay and Hariyo offerings also made a good impression, and were both very tasty. However, I found the other three sauces to be a bit on the bland side. I would notice this range when out shopping, because the packaging is strong. It is also quite informative.

Robert Ayling, butcher, Billingshurst, West Sussex

Overall verdict...38/50 Cravendale Hint Of Company: Arla Foods Launch Price: £1.09 per one-litre carton Today's Price: 69p for a 284ml bottle Acid test verdict: 37/50

Less than a year after Arla Foods launched Cravendale Hint Of, an added-value milk for adults, the company has scrapped the one-litre carton and replaced it with a 284ml bottle. While Arla insists the range provided a strong rate of sale, it admits the large version was not as successful as anticipated. Available in wild strawberry and vanilla, the smaller line is aimed at the on-the-go market and is also targeted at kids, whereas it was originally positioned for adults. The 284ml range has proved successful enough for Arla to launch a multipack.