Expert's verdict:7/10

?The packaging delivers a just baked look and the brownies are well presented. The free from wheat message could have been bigger as it's one of the product's key selling points. This will appeal to the target market of consumers who are trying to avoid wheat-based products. I haven't tasted many 'free-from' products but felt this didn't quite deliver on the 'double choc' promise on the packaging. The brownie was crumbly and it left quite a bit of mess.

Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's

Consumer's verdict7/10

?The packaging wasn't eye catching but it gave a good view of what was inside. The brownie was fairly large and smelt chocolatey and appetising. But,when I ate it, the brownie was crumbly and dry. This is common with gluten-free food but I have eaten similar products that were easier to swallow. It tasted nice and not all gluten-free products do. At £1.49 it was cheaper than most gluten-free offerings. I would probably buy the brownies again.

Jackie Bennett, housewife, aged 49, Surrey

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McCain Chippy Chips Company: McCain Foods Launch price: 99p per 180g pack Today's price: 99p per 180g pack Acid test verdict: 4.5 stars

The brand is now worth more than £2m with about three million units having been sold since its launch, according to McCain. The product has listings with Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Somerfield, and Iceland. McCain said the addition of its microwaveable chip portfolio has broadened the category offer and appeals to more adults. McCain will be investing to drive trial of the product, following a move to sunflower oil as part of its commitment to healthy eating.